Week 8 Part B: Your Instagram Hashtag Use

Hashtags     Using hashtags on Instagram is one effective way of getting content widespread to a specific audience. Putting a hashtag in a caption or comment not only describes the content, but puts it into a category with other posts that have received that same tag. As an independent game developer, I find using hashtags such as: #IndieGame, #IndieDeveloper, #PCGames, #PixelArt, etc.. When I post things unrelated to games, I make sure to use appropriate tags. For a photo of a garden, I used these tags: #Photography, #Garden, #Plants, #HealthyLiving, #PhotoEditing, #Photoshop, #Spring, #Flowers, etc.. and I always like to post my brand name (#DunCentral) as a hashtag on my content.      After doing some research, I've determined that the most effective times to post content are between 10:00AM and 3:00PM. Being able to schedule posts ahead of time has been incredibly helpful in accomplishing this. Although Facebook gives users the ability to schedule posts, I find Hootsuite to be

Week 9 Part A: Blogs, Vlogs, Podcasts & Webinars

 Human Interest in Social Media      You have to consider that there are many different types of people that use social media. Individuals and businesses alike are using social media for marketing their businesses, whatever industry they may be in. They do this because they are aware of the plethora of potential customers and clients that habitually browse social media. If you haven't already, take a moment to realize that you are just one of about four billion individuals that use social media. Considering you're an internet user with your own set of personal interests, beliefs, goals, hobbies, etc., you're probably beginning to see why content that is relatable to a broad audience through emotional appeal, humor appeal, or personal experience is very successful.       Personally, in the game development industry I've noticed that an aesthetic appeal is very powerful. When an individual is scrolling through posts on their favorite social media site, they are often stop

Week 8 Part A: How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags

How to Expand Your Reach on Instagram by Using Hashtags     Visual media is the most effective way for my business to share progress and achievements, whether it be through images or short videos. Using Instagram as a tool to deliver my company's visual media content can be very beneficial if marketed efficiently. One may use common or relatable hashtags to have their content appear under specific categories, or create new tags for marketing purposes. Analyzing how other businesses in your industry use Instagram hashtags for marketing their content can give examples of which hashtags may be trending or effective for your personal business. Small Game Development Companies @gedaria_official First post on June 11, 2020 4,411 Followers ~1 Post Per Week Last Post - 1 Day Ago First post on Jan 2, 2021 1,074 Followers ~2 Posts Per Week Last Post - 2 Days Ago Summary:      I h

Week 7 Part B: How Other Class Businesses Use Instagram

How Other Class Businesses Use Instagram I commented on posts from the following profiles: William Pisciotta  Ty Morissette  Teri Lendy  Jonathan Golding  Natasha Flaherty 

Week 7 Part A: Get Visual with Instagram - Let a Picture Tell the Story

Dun Central's Social Media      Dun Central currently has profiles on many different social media sites, although the accounts are new and have not yet received high priority for overall development of the brand up to this point. Game design and product design remain the focus at this time in order to maintain content to market and advertise on social media and the internet. Using I am able to post all of the links to Dun Central's sites in one easily accessible place. Instagram 94 Followers 7 Posts      Using Instagram has been very effective for marketing my business. There seems to be a huge userbase of individuals in my target market and industry. I have only made seven posts over that past three months and have been able to achieve and maintain a following of 94 users by following them back and leaving supportive comments and likes on their posts. Many of these individuals are very supportive and it has become easy to find communities

Week 6 Part B: Creating and Scheduling Facebook Posts

 Dun Central's Newly Scheduled Posts      I believe these posts will engage my audience by introducing my new game as a free product that is easily accessible. First, I am introducing the game with a link, then two days later, I have a ~30 second video preview of gameplay as well as a link to where users can download the game. Finally, another two days later I scheduled a call-to-action post acting if users have played Pineapple Bounce yet, informing them where to play it, and asking for suggestions and high scores in the game to form a personal connection with my followers and audience. Facebook Pages that I Commented on Haruka Yamaguchi       2. Momma's Boy Cookies        3. The Alibi Brewing Company        4. Cross Rocket Marketing

Week 6 Part A: Engaging Your Customers - FaceBook Strategy

Engaging Your Customers - Facebook Strategy Trezla Studios Studio Koba Aquiris Game Studio Abrams Studios Play Dead Studio The Holy Cow Studio Panic Art Studios Metal King Studio Wolverine Studios Invader Studios      I chose these pages because they are all small independent game studios that could use the support. On the other hand, I am hoping they will like my page back and we can communicate and potentially collaborate on something in the future. Using this feature I will be able to develop a following and online presence with my Facebook page.